About Us

Our Desserts Are Desired By All

We Create with Passion.

We are a small specialty sweet shop.  Family owned and operated.  We thrive on creating masterpieces for all of our clients.  We started our journey in 2018 and it has been one fun ride. 

For us, this is not a job — this is our passion — and we enjoy every minute of it.  Our creativity has helped us succeed and reach our goals.  Do not hesitate to see what all the hype is about.  Join our weekly menu distribution.  You will not regret it.  SEND ME THE MENU

For Everlasting Taste


We make a variety of candies, from lollipops to hard candy and even gummy bears and worms. If you have a suggestion, contact us.

A Fresh Experience

Baked Items

Love your baked goods? Well, we pride ourselves in our ability to bake.  From cookies to brownies.  Cupcakes to rainbow cookies. If you crave it, we can make it.  If you have any requests, contact us.

Experience Tastes Out Of This World

Specialty Items

Specialty items you ask?  Whether it be a special occasion or holiday or time of year, we have you covered.  From romance to funny.  Is it hot out? We make homemade ices and ice cream.  Did it snow?  Are you chilly from clearing the snow?  Try our hot chocolate bomb.  Want to know what other specialties we have?  Register to be added to our weekly menu.

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